What is APIX?

API Experience is the largest event in the Americas entirely dedicated to the discussion of APIs, from technical topics to business strategies, trends, and digital innovation within companies.

We are already in the 6th edition of the main event, and going to the 8th Stories version, which travels through Brazil in editions that tell cases of successful customers.

Who offers APIX?

APIX is offered by Sensedia. Sensedia is an API expert, recognized as a Visionary in Gartner's Magic Quadrant, and a Leader in the Forrester Wave for APIs Strategy and Delivery Services.

Sensedia provides a robust and secure API Management Platform and Professional Services for digital strategies, transforming traditional businesses into digital businesses through Innovation, Digital Experiences, and Integrations with Partners.

Sensedia offers a range of services for APIs, from strategy to operation. Since 2007, Sensedia has helped companies around the world to develop their API-based digital strategies, and enable Digital Platforms that revolutionize businesses, combining technology with strong knowledge in API Strategies.

Today, more than 100 companies rely on Sensedia's solutions for business success, from Financial Services to Manufacturing.

Who is APIX for?

APIX is addressed to everyone involved with Technology and Digital Transformation, from developers to executives. We have technical content on APIs and Architecture, as well as Business content, such as market strategies and trends.

How is APIX

APIX is a complete event. We have on the first day of the event a hand-on workshop organized by Sensedia's team of experts. We will address the following topics; API First and DX, Integration Accelerators, Security in APIs, Microservices and Open Banking / Data Privacy (LGPD).

Besides the workshop, we will have two days dedicated to lectures, both with technical and business approaches.

In the business track, the subjects are quite diverse. We bring cases of customers, where they tell the stories and challenges overcome in the digital journey, as well as trending issues, such as regulations, new business models and new journeys of experiences.

All this content is brought by renowned professionals from around the world, we already had the presence of experts from Forrester, Twilio, BBVA, Fitbit, Github, Bayer, Bancolombia, Natura, Cielo, Sulamérica, Elo and several other companies that are at the forefront of digital transformation.


Where and when it happens?

Via Hopin platform, being the first day dedicated exclusively to workshops and, the two following days exclusively to lectures; we will have simultaneous translation for the lectures in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Which days should I attend?

If you want to attend the Workshop, you should attend the first day of the event, where technical hand-on content will be addressed, organized by Sensedia's team of experts.

If you want to participate only in the lectures, you should attend the second and third day of the event, with technical and business approaches.

There is the possibility of participating in all three days of the event and follow all the APIX agenda.

About the workshop

What is the Workshop?

The Workshop is a hands-on training that will address the entire life cycle of an API, from Design to Exposure. All participants will be guided by our experts in building a solution based on APIs.

For whom is the workshop?

Developers of all levels and using any programming language.

About tickets

What types of tickets are available

The ticket guarantees access for the content days (September 1, 2 and 3). Payment method by credit card via the website: https://www.eventbrite.com.br/e/162078582403

How and where buy tickets

Via website https://www.eventbrite.com.br/e/apix-api-experience-tickets-162078582403

Change of ticket ownership

Changes of ownership should be asked from 07 to 10 business days before the start of the event and must be requested through apix@sensedia.com with the subject [APIX] - Change of Ownership + ticket number

Refund policies

Refunds can be requested up to 07 days before the event by emailing apix@sensedia.com

About sponsorship

How to sponsor APIX?

Contact apix@sensedia.com and we will answer all your questions :)

Why sponsor APIX?

Communicate how other companies can use your APIs to develop Digital Businesses and Strategies in partnership with your brand;

Exhibit your digital products to more than 1,000 people connected to the tech world, with high purchasing power and profile to disseminate new technologies;

Network with professionals from companies recognized by their success in using APIs in their digital journeys;

Reinforce your positioning in Digital Strategies with a highly engaged technical audience in an event that exposes real cases and national and international trends focused on APIs;

Expose your brand in the largest event of the Americas and 2nd largest in the world dedicated to APIs.


I'm a Sensedia customer, how do I go?

Contact Sensedia directly at apix@sensedia.com with the subject APIX Tickets - customer (company name).

Aditional Information and tips

About the event

The event will be held via the Hopin platform, where you will need to use the login and password sent to you after the ticket purchase is confirmed.

What you need to bring on the day

For the event you need your laptop, notebook to take notes, water and a tasty coffee to enjoy every moment of this session.

Content avaiability

The contents authorised by the speakers will be made available on the event's website.